Malabarias is a platform created with the aim that all jugglers and professional and amateurs circus artists, residents in Canary Islands, get to know each other and keep actively informed, creating exchange areas and meetings around the islands.

To that end this web has been created. Its name comes from mixing the words "Malabares" and "Canarias".

The essential tool for keeping mutually informed is the forum, through which experiences, knowledge, events information, videos ... can be shared from any point of Canary Islands. It’s very useful to organize gatherings and circus meetings in any island.

Another very important project is the Circovivencia meeting, which purpose is to bring the circus to every corner of Canary Islands and like that we get to know everyone gradually.

In the other hand, Red Nose Project, that it’s made with all respect that red nose deserves, consists on a great photo collection of people wearing red nose. Are you in?

Taking advantage of the possibilities of having a net server, this web will be updated with photos, videos and resources for artists.

To set these projects up doesn’t depend on one person. If you believe in them, sign up in the forum, contact us, spread the information... Bring your juggling equipment and play with us!

Health and juggling! (Ray).

©2011 Malabarias.